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Why Shifa Light?

Shifa Lite offers high quality meals that are nutrients rich which your body needs to improve your health status and quality of life which are greatly influenced by your diet.
Shifa Lite provides several nutritional programs that help you control weight taking into consideration the current health condition.

Shifa Lite Program: 

1. Shifa Lite Subscriptions:

Special offers on Weight Loss and Therapeutic packages::

- 3 meals & 2 snacks

2 weeks (without Saturday): 85KD

4 weeks (excluding Friday and Saturday):   115KD

4 weeks (without Saturday):    145KD

4 weeks (28 days):    159KD


- 3 meals & 3 snacks

2 weeks (without Saturday):    85.5 KD

4 weeks (excluding Friday and Saturday):  128 KD

4 weeks (without Saturday):   167 KD

4 weeks (28 days): 179 KD


2. Athletes subscriptions (The Champion Program):

Three main meals high in protein.

Price 2 weeks (without Saturday): 110KD

4 weeks (excluding Friday and Saturday): 160KD

4 weeks (without Saturday): 205KD

4 weeks (28 days): 220KD 


Shifa Light subscriptions include the following programs, which are agreed on by the dietitian based on the subscriber's health condition.

1. Fit Cal & Hard Cal:

These programs are tailored to promote healthy weight loss by offering balanced diet meals with delicious varieties in menu items to guarantee an enjoyable experience.


If you are willing to adopt healthy eating habits and consume complete meals or even looking forward to maintain your healthy weight, this program will do the favor.

3. Kido Lite:

Whether you have a picky eater child &/or an obese kid, most probably this package is useful and will do a great difference. This food program is designed for children to promote healthy weight loss and to guarantee proper and healthy growth for our little ones.

4. Lifestyle Pediatric:

Caring to provide optimal health care, we designed this program to ensure healthy growth and development in children, as this program contains the basic nutrients during this stage of life.

5. Energy Booster:

If you suffer from weight loss due to loss of appetite or due to being picky, then, the Energy Booster program will provide you with the essential nutrients to gain weight in a healthy way.

6. Go Green:

Usually, Vegetarians are afraid of not being able to meet all their nutritional needs through food. Making life easier, we decided to create this diet program for vegetarians to help them in achieving healthy weight loss by offering balanced meals.

7. Healthy Heart:

A person is considered at high risk for developing heart disease if their total cholesterol level is high. Therefore, this program is designed to promote healthy weight loss and help reduce altered lipid profile lab values for those who suffer from high cholesterol and fats, additional to obesity.

8. Low Fat Lifestyle:

A heart-healthy diet program helps you maintain an ideal body weight by providing from all food groups in a well-balanced meal.

9. Nutri-Med:

A diabetic diet program that helps control blood sugar levels to promote better overall health status where it helps you as well to lose weight in a balanced way.

10. Diabetic Lifestyle:

A program for stabilizing weight in diabetic patients and adjusting the level of sugar in the blood.

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