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Dr. Ehab Yousri

Our Doctors

Dr. Ehab Yousri

Ophthalmology Department

Ophthalmology Consultant

Academic Certificates, Trainings & Fellowships:

  • MD in Ophthalmology, Supreme Council of Universities - Egypt 
  • Fellowship in Ophthalmology, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 

Scope of Clinical Practice:

Refractive Surgeries

  • LASIK surgeries for Myopia, Hyperopiaand Astigmatism. 
  • Femtosecond LASIK (Visumax) without microkeratome blade( Bladeless LASIK).


  • Surface ablation surgeries (Epi-LASIK & PRK) for thin corneas.
  • LASIK Xtra (Simultaneous Lasik & Corneal Cross Linking) for high myopia and thin corneas.
  • Corneal Cross Linking (CXL) for stabilization of early keratoconus
  • Phakic Intra Ocular lens & Phaco-Refractive Lens Exchange  for high myopia and unsuitable cases for LASIK

Cataract Surgeries

  • Phacoemulsification for Cataract using small incision(2.2 mm) with foldable IOL (no stitch surgery)

Glaucoma  Follow up and treatment.

Vitreo-Retinal Disorders

Corneal Surgeries

  • Penetrating and Lamellar keratoplasty.

  • Corneal Rings for the treatment of keratoconus patients.

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